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Sibling DNA tests and sibling studies can find your brother or sister

Brother or Sister, Maybe?


Sibling DNA tests or sibling studies are used to find a brother or sister. Sometimes children are placed for adoption or separated and sent to different family homes and lose track of each other. But it is not limited to children only, there are adults who meet people that claim to be their brother or sister. It may be true or might not. Thanks to DNA testing services it is easy to verify if you and another person share the family's DNA.

The type of DNA test used will make numerous comparisons between DNA samples from you, the other person and preferably a person that you share in common like mother or father. Sometimes it is not possible to include a sample from the mother or father.

While the DNA analysis can be completed, it may not be conclusive when there is no common mother or common father sample included. These types of sibling test will fall in the category of best efforts testing.

Generally speaking, when people share the same maternal side of the family it is possible to use DNA testing to verify the relationship. It is also possible to verify the family relationship when males have the same paternal side in common.

There are success stories where long-lost siblings have found each other through DNA testing and DNA profile matching. For example: an adopted person is seeking family ties.

DNA testing can provide the answers that would have been impossible or too expensive 20 years ago. For some people, it can mean locating a brother or sister and expanding your family.

Whether it was your brother or sister that was lost or never known, you can get more information about sibling DNA tests and sibling studies at www.911DNATest.com


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