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DNA Testing FAQs

Do you use a lab that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks?

Yes, the testing lab we use has several accreditations including: American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), ACLASS Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025), ASCLD/LAB-International, College of American Pathologists (CAP), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). 

Who needs to be tested for Paternity?

The Mother, the Child and the Alleged Father. We can accurately complete a paternity test without the Mother's sample, but this requires additional analysis and may take a few days longer to complete. 

What kind of samples does 4TRUTH IDENTITY need?

4TRUTH IDENTITY prefers to use a cheek swab sample since it is easy to obtain, completely non-invasive, painless, and is just as accurate as blood samples. Most biological samples are acceptable, including a tube of blood or drops of blood on a blood spot card (additional charges apply to blood samples that are more than 30 days old). 

How accurate are 4TRUTH IDENTITY’s tests?

If the DNA of the Alleged Father and Child matches, the probability that he is the biological father is typically over 99.995%. Generally, if there are two or more mismatches between the DNA profiles of the tested Alleged Father and the tested Child, he is 100% excluded from being the biological father of the Child. 

What if the testing parties live in different cities?

No problem! 4TRUTH IDENTITY will arrange for all parties' samples to be collected in their respective cities and some countries for US Immigration. All the samples will be coordinated as a single case when they arrive at the accredited laboratory that we use. *Extra charges may apply for shipping, ask us for details. 

How long does it take to get results?

Once the AABB accredited lab receives all the samples, it typically takes an average of three to five business days to complete the test. Guaranteed 1st Business Day RUSH tests are also available when initially ordered. *Ask us about the 911DNA guaranteed RUSH RESULTS* 

Does 4TRUTH IDENTITY require a court order for a legal paternity test?

No, 4Truth does not require a court order to assist you with a legal paternity test, except for residents of the state of New York. New York restricts it's residents from obtaining a DNA paternity test unless you have a doctor's prescription and/or a court order when all of the testing parties are current residents of NY. New York state residents should contact us prior to ordering. 

Can I use 4TRUTH IDENTITY’s results in court?

Generally yes, as long as you choose our legal DNA test with full chain of custody, photographs, fingerprinting of all adults where all DNA samples are collected by an impartial third-party. The notarized results report serves as an important legal document for paternity, non-paternity, maternity or non-maternity, relatedness or other legal purposes. 

Do tests have to be paid for all at once?

NO, once the process is initiated by you, we will setup an appointment for specimen collection with a mobile collector (limited service areas) or at a facility location near you with a $100 USD deposit for the DNA testing fee. [You must contact us for payment arrangements in advance]

We will begin the testing of the samples after the account balance has been paid in full. Sample collection appointments are typically scheduled one to five business days in advance. Generally, the sample collection fee is paid direct to the collection facility or mobile collector.

Testing will not begin nor will test results be released until 4TRUTH Identity has received payment in full for all DNA testing services. We recommend having your legal DNA test performed as soon as possible to help you make an informed decision. 

What forms of payment does 4TRUTH IDENTITY accept?

You may pay with an VISA / MC/ AMEX / DISCOVER credit card [on-line], local attorney trust account check or US Postal money order, made payable to 4TRUTH IDENTITY Inc. Or charge-by-phone (state ID or driver's license required) using Visa/MC credit or debit cards. * We are a verified business merchant with PayPal.

How do I set up an appointment for DNA sampling?

Call us to make an appointment in your area: or use the "contact us" form on this website.

How much does it cost? 

Our legal paternity testing fee is below $400 USD for one man, one child with or without the mother. Call today or use the contact us link for pricing your legal paternity or other dna test cases.

**Note - International cases or Immigration related cases have additional charges, please ask us for details**

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DNA Testing

I wanted to thank you for helping me and my child. With your help, I was able to prove that my late boyfriend was my child's father. My child is the sole heir of his estate and will be well provided for. And I now have a great relationship with my child's grandmother. -- No longer frazzled mother

Thank you for your expert services to my attorney. I no longer have to pay any child support. The legal paternity testing proved that 2 of 3 kids from my ex-wife were not mine. – Associate Pastor

** Results may vary, 4TRUTH IDENTITY cannotguarantee  the same results for all of our clients.


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